Machine-to-Machine Remote Monitoring that allows for more productive communication between the field device and your company’s service, sales, and reorder points. At OpenApps, we can set up monitoring systems to alert a technician when tank levels are low; we can control the lighting at parks and ball fields; when you need machines to communicate, we’re on it.


When outdated technology stalls your manufacturing process, you need someone fast and reliable to get you back up and running so the financial loss is minimized. At OpenApps, we understand your need and will work tirelessly to bring your legacy equipment up to current standards in technology, helping you save money in your manufacturing.


Our panel shop works with you to meet your needs. We will take you from concept and design to a finished, simulated, and 100% tested product. Whether you need one panel now or duplicates throughout the year, we are here to support you throughout your project.


With OpenApps’ extensive experience in modernizing controls and remotely monitoring CNG Compressors, we can upgrade the control system on any natural gas compressor. We have experience with: IMW, ANGI, and Greenfield. We will help you to fix a problem before it becomes too costly.


Whether you have a concept for a product or the need for an automated machine in your business, OpenApps can design, build, and install robotic automation into your light manufacturing facility. We have extensive knowledge and experience with life-cycle testing robotic cells. Our programmers will work with you directly to bring your vision to life.


CNG Controls - Compressor Monitoring

OpenApps customized a full OEM automation solution for controlling a CNG compressor using a Horner Automation XL7 controller and software that was tested using a real-world simulator for lower initial start time and start-up costs. view details

CNG Controls – Remote Compressors

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Retrofitting – Ice Manufacturing

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Retrofitting – Food Equipment

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Remote Monitoring – Lighting Controls

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Remote Monitoring – Water Tank

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OEM – Upgrade

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CNG Controls – Remote Monitoring

A sample business plan for a coffee shop view details